Innovation Rooted In Simplicity: Stockholm Design Week 2024

On Monday evening, the week was kicked off with an immersive experience by Iittala, the renowned Finnish brand whose roots in glass manufacturing date back to 1881. Hosted in the spectacular setting of a former nuclear power reactor, the event set the framework for launching Iittala’s new creative vision. With Janni Vepsäläinen as their recently appointed creative director, the brand embarks on a journey to reinforce its commitment to experimentation and artistic collaboration in artisanal glassmaking. Setting the sails for this voyage, the firm introduced a new visual identity inspired by its historical logo from 1892. The new identity is accompanied by a product series called “Play,” through which Iittala reimagines how we interact with design in our daily lives. The series features glass objects and ceramics, as well as textiles and candles, all showcasing versatile, playful, and vibrant designs that cater to the requirements of urban living.

In collaboration with London-based artist Damsel Elysium, Iittala also unveiled a series of unique mouth-blown glass instruments during the event. The objects open up a new field of creation for the brand and underscore Iittala’s devotion to pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship while honoring its heritage. Vepsäläinen describes this new Iittala era as “experimental, energetic, curious and bold,”—a promise well-realized during the launch.